My Hole In The Reeds

The king has donkey ears under his crown, the king has donkey ears under his crown…

Equality Through Universality

Democracy is not a Tyranny of Majorities – it is Equality through Universality.

Laws under a Democracy is not derived for the Majority but derived for its Universality; in that they can be justly applied to every citizen in the Democracy.

For example, it is Universal that every citizen has the right to private property and laws should prevent the taking of private property without consent – it is not Universally accepted that the punishment for such indiscretion is the amputation of arms, but it is Universally accepted that the penalty is incarceration.

Therefore Laws should be derived that those who commit theft are incarcerated.

The Paradox of Humanity

The paradox of Humanity,
Humanity’s capacity to Love also allows it to Hate,
It’s ability to for Empathy also grants it the ability for Cruelty,
Humanity’s propensity to Conform drives it to Discriminate,
Our Ambitions also grants us Greed.
Our Individuality drive us to Possess.
Our ability to obtain Knowledge gives rise to the Ignorance of Arrogance.
Sometimes the paradox also means you’re both Proud and Loathe to be part of Humanity

Candlelight – Wildfires

In the dark,
one candle may stand,

illuminating a tiny circle,
of light around it.

It stands steadfast,
vigilant and silent.

Others will come,
drawn to its light,
to light their candle,
from its flame.

There are those,
who goes about,
lighting the candle
of others,
in the hopes
of spreading the light,
but those who don’t want it,
blows out the flame,
the light will not last.
There are yet still others,

who use the flame,
to ignite anything,
setting the world ablaze,
in a wild fire,
that destroys all,
in its path.

If you have found,
your light,
stand steadfast,
vigilant and silent.
Others will come,
to light their candle,
from your flame,
and spread,
the light,
that will last.


From afar
we see it
as this huge wall
that divides
nations, peoples,
cultures, laws.

but when we stand
at the border,
it’s nondescript,
not noticeable,
as if it wasn’t there.

Just an arbitrary line
on the floor,
that someone drew
from afar.

Act of God

An Act of God incident is a term used for unforeseen circumstances beyond the control of man. Having said that, if an Act of God incident have arisen, its repeat occurence is foreseen – and should it occur it cannot be called unforeseen. The next time it occurs and there is no visible steps taken to curb the incident’s effects, it is negligence.

The Act of God card is a one time use card.

Division – Bigotry

Race does not divide us,
skin deep bigotry does.

Religion does not separate us,
sanctimonious bigotry does.

Class does not separate us,
arrogant bigotry does.

Education does not separate us,
ignorant bigotry does.

What separates us is simply,

Binary – Analog

We are all too digital, too binary, these days; we are either a zero or a one. we forget that we are analog, and is a spectrum between zero and one.

Insane – Sanity

“When you think all the world has gone insane,
you realize that is the very definition of insanity,
that you view the world distinctly different from everyone else,
and that you aren’t the only one who is sane.”

Flasher on the Corners

You turn the corner, and is suddenly flashed with a visage almost stabbing into your eyes. You did no consent to it. but they accosts you anyway. These days they’re bolder, standing on street corners – busy streets lying in wait for the unsuspecting pedestrian.

They flash you, unabashed – seemingly to say,
“hey there, see how big it is”,
or “How smooth”,
or “You know I’m the best”.

You’re driving so can’t really avert your eyes, powerless to escape their visual assaults – so you just endure it and hope that it’ll be over soon.

These days they’re so common, that you just move on to your next encounter with them – no longer shaken by the visual and mental rape they impose on you.


Reality – Heaven – Hell

Reality is shaped by all the actions,
its participants chooses to take in it,
the more evil choices are made,
Reality is darker for it,
the more good choice are made,
Reality takes a brighter turn.

Karma isn’t a means of retribution,
for those who are Evil,
rather a Universal tally of all the choices,
the participants make.
Heaven or Hell,
the result is in the choices,
we all make.