My Hole In The Reeds

The king has donkey ears under his crown, the king has donkey ears under his crown…

Faith and Hubris

When what you claim to be
Is placed above common good,
It isn’t faith just plain


The Gist of Life

the gist of life,
is to
the fluidity
of realities,
the immutability
of truths.

On Hunger

to be tempered
with principles,
and guided
by ethics;
otherwise its just plain

Karmic Reality

Reality is shaped by all the actions,
its participants chooses to take in it,
the more evil choices are made,
Reality is darker for it,
the more good choice are made,
Reality takes a brighter turn.

Karma isn’t a means of retribution,
for those who are Evil,
rather a Universal tally of all the choices,
the participants make.
Heaven or Hell,
the result is in the choices,
we all make.

The War of The Future

The war of the future,
is already here.

The skirmishes,
Of a silent war,
Have begun.

If this be,
The Age of Information,
So too must be its battlefield.

No longer,
Do those who take up arms
In this war,
Equip themselves,
With guns, mortars and bombs.

They instead,
Wield the mighty pen,
The all seeing lenses.

No longer is it the tactics
Of military might,
And brilliant maneuvers.
Theirs are the art of deception,
Of misinformation,
Of doubt.

The future war,
Is already here.

And it is being fought,
a silent war.

When bombs fall,
And guns blaze,
The battle has already
Been won.

Evils and Perspectives

The Evils,
in this world,
has its roots,
in the dissonance,
of perspectives.

Isms of Isms

There are way too many -isms today,
and everyone is cramming their
problems into one -ism,
and blaming another -ism for their problems.

Our need to categorize,
the problems of the world today,
so that we can understand complexity,
have created a complexity,
that makes the world today
difficult to understand.


… you borrow from,
… you lend to….

… like come from,
…. and go to….

I can lend you whatever I have,
but if I borrow you,
I’m actually taking you,
on loan… and for the meantime,
you belong to me.

On Laws…

The stricter the law,
The narrower its confines,
Must be.

Of Aroma and Perfume

There was a time,
when perfume,
wafts the reminders,
of the sweetness,
of flowers,
the enticing aromas,
of sweet fruits.

Over time,
we’ve surpassed,
the simple esters,
of nature,
and bastardized,
them in the cauldron,
of our artifice,
and called them,

Its complexity,
requires the death,
of countless flowers,
and fruits,
squeezed and pulverized,
to extract the very,
essence of aromas,
and these we,
throw into our
bubbling cauldron,
to produce the
complex smells,
we associate as perfumes.

It assaults the nostrils,
confuses the olfactory sense,
and yet,
the marketing agencies,
and perfume makers,
tells us it is,
the smell of,
of Power,
of Seduction,
when all it is,
is the artifice of man,
and the bastardization of nature.