Of Aroma and Perfume

by horngyih

There was a time,
when perfume,
wafts the reminders,
of the sweetness,
of flowers,
the enticing aromas,
of sweet fruits.

Over time,
we’ve surpassed,
the simple esters,
of nature,
and bastardized,
them in the cauldron,
of our artifice,
and called them,

Its complexity,
requires the death,
of countless flowers,
and fruits,
squeezed and pulverized,
to extract the very,
essence of aromas,
and these we,
throw into our
bubbling cauldron,
to produce the
complex smells,
we associate as perfumes.

It assaults the nostrils,
confuses the olfactory sense,
and yet,
the marketing agencies,
and perfume makers,
tells us it is,
the smell of,
of Power,
of Seduction,
when all it is,
is the artifice of man,
and the bastardization of nature.