The Tyranny of Superlatives

by horngyih

The Tyranny of the Superlatives – we told aim for the Best, the Top, the Most.

The media feeds off this need to pursue the superlatives and respond in kind, generating countless lists of the Top 10s, Best 5s, Most 20s of things and this reinforces our need to be the Best, the Top, the Most.

And when we fail we wallow in our sorrows of not being the Top, the Best and the Most. We brow beat ourselves for being so far beneath the Top, the Best and the Most.

Some cultivate this festering disdain for the Top, The Best and the Most and weave a dark cocoon that metamorphose into Hatred.

Others pull about themselves in those cold dark night the shawl of discontent, draped in their new fashion of apathy – you can’t hurt if you don’t care.

We are no longer told that sometimes being just Good Enough is all you need to be – but while you are in the plain of Good Enough, some of us may yet still make it up the peaks of Olympus. Some take longer routes, the blessed are given shorter paths. And high as Mount Olympus stands, the peaks reach the heavens because there are those who stand on the plains of Good Enough upholding the mountain so that those who stand on the peaks reaches the heavens above.