Gold and Non Golden

by horngyih

Sometimes, not everything boils down to rights and privileges. When we do something positive for others, we practice what is called the Golden Rule; i.e. “Do unto others as you would others do unto you”. We perpetuate such ‘good’ deeds not because it is the rights of others to receive nor our right to do so, but simply because we are leading by example the kind of society we want to build and ‘in deed’ live in.

A civil society must also be built upon the consideration of the Negative Golden Rule, ie “Do NOT unto others as you would NOT other do unto you”. Stop to consider your actions if that is what you would want others to perpetuate unto you, this is the very basis of basic Ethics – the framework of what we call a Civilized society.

The two rules should be the basis of Morals and Ethics, both of which could be embraced from a secular and spiritual aspect; for all religions preach the Golden Rule and/or the Negative Rule in on form or another, secularism demands for it.