The Beast Within

by horngyih

The human animal developed an advantage along it’s evolutionary path,
a complex brain that can reason; make complicated sense from sensory input.

This complex brain allows us to take leaps ahead of mere sensory interpretation,
but also make prophetic cognitive of cause and effect giving us a keener sense of anticipation;
one that runs further into a perceived future.

These leaps then becomes bounds
as the brain creates scenarios from the sense of anticipation,
and it gives us imagination.

The brain has evolved to feed off stimuli,
and in it’s dark cave consume sensory input from it’s prison
and creates the world outside,
and dream of the world that could be.

The complexity of the brain also means
we human animals have forsaken instinct that is codified from birth,
for learning since so much effort was put into assembling this complicated brain.
So we human animals now teach our young,
what other animal’s infants know from birth.

It is both a blessing and a curse,
this complex brain of ours.
For we human animals have inadvertently created
a voracious beast that constantly demands for more, and newer, stimuli.

We spend more of our time feeding this beast lest it should starve
and we become bored.

More things that we human animals devote our daily lives to,
is the feeding of this
Beast Within.