The Passing of an Age

by horngyih

“This is your realm, and the heart of the greater realm that shall be. The Third Age of the world is ended, and the new age is begun; and it is your task to order its beginning and to preserve what may be preserved. For though much has been saved, much must now pass away”
– “Return of the King”, J.R.R. Tolkien

The age of the legends draw nigh in this eve as the sun rests and the heroes find their way to the night sky to shine upon the Earth it has left behind. There shall be many that will come yet to pass, the time for the next vigil of heroes to rise and take the place of those who have risen – to forge anew another age in its coming.

History marks the rise and fall of legends, heroes and foes, the cycle unbroken where many new heroes and foes shall rise and many shall fall for in their mortality they must – to take their place amongst the night skies above. Perhaps as they fill the sky as stars they remind us of things that has passed, and things that will come to pass.