Death and Rebirth the Cycle of Matter

by horngyih

The cycle of Death and Rebirth, Reincarnation – can be thought of without mysticism.

The very elements that compose each individual on this planet have been recycled and reused for countless aeons. The same carbon molecules we carry within us were probably the same carbon molecules that were part of the massive titans that walked the earth, or the minuscule organisms that organized itself into what we call life from the primordial soup. If atoms and molecule have memory, what stories they could tell…

In fact if we extend our realization of this thought – each particle that composite what we call our self originates from the moment of existence’s beginning. Our mother’s body gather these stray particles and construct the vessels within the womb from blueprints passed down through the lineage of countless lives before us. These vessels we shall learn to recognize as our selves are composite of the same stuff forged in the hearts of the maelstroms of heat and pressure we know as stars, the nearest we call our Sun. Each hair, each cell are form of the stuff that was part of something that came before. And as our fleeting existence comes to an end, these elements are once again released into the cosmos ready to embark on another journey as some thing else, some one else.

The cycle shall continue so long as matter of our Universe exists.