The Resonance of the World

by horngyih

There could be a cavern filled with wondrous crystals, each crystal is unique but they all display the same miraculous traits. The crystals vibrate to create two kinds of sounds – a clear almost musical note that soothes and calms, the other a rough hoarse screech like finger nails on a blackboard.

Each crystal when exposed to one of the two sounds resonates with it and echoes the same sound it encounters though not in equal proportions. A crystal encountering the sounds of clarity hums and vibrates the same sound of clarity and glows, sometimes these sounds of clarity soothes the crystal allowing cracks to be mend but once awash with the sounds of disruption it cracks a little and echoes the same disruptive notes and internally cracks a little, its lights dim a little. Cracked crystals have higher tendencies to emit the disruptive notes while more whole crystals with fewer cracks tend to emit the notes of clarity more often. Some crystals are more resilient than others and do not echo the disruptive noise much, some not at all.

Perfection is achieve when finally all the crystals are resonating with the same song of clarity – the symphony fueling the song and driving the cavern to all resonate as one bathing it in a song of eternal clarity. The alternate course is when all the crystals are resonating the sickening sound of discord and disruption, each giving into the destructive sounds that drives away harmony and plunging the cavern in to darkness.

The cavern lights up and dims as the ripples of the crystal songs pull and push the light for aeons, the crystals unable to move away from the cavern is caught in the rise and fall of their own song – sometimes a heavenly song rises and the cavern is filled with light. At sometimes it a Hellish noise darkens the cavern… and so that tides of light and song continues to wax and wane in this wondrous cavern.