The Overbearing Support Framework

by horngyih

A seed grows into a sapling, and at this early stage it is weak, malleable to the slightest winds. And so often times, it is beneficial to have some sort of support for it to grow straight and strong. The sapling grows into a young tree and in the belief that even young trees need a framework to guide its growth, a stronger more rigid framework is built around this tree to support it. Overtime as the tree grows, the framework built around it grew with it. Will it reach a point where the growth of the tree is hampered by the ever complex and rigid framework that once was its support but has become it’s hindrance to grow, its rigidity now twists and corrupts the growth of the tree… does it reach a point where removing the framework or reducing the rigidity of the framework allows the tree to grow better?

Human civilization started with the simplest and barest of what can barely qualify as laws. As human civilization grew, more complex and rigid laws are created to govern and guide the growth of civilization. Have we reached a point where these laws are now so rigid and complex that instead of serving as a guide and support for the growth of civilization, it has become hindrance to the development of civilization?