Prosecuting Insult

by horngyih

How do we expect to have Harmony when we don’t even begin to foster the maturity of responding to insult? When we educate ourselves that, appropriate response to insult is a disproportionate reaction to those who hurl the insults? By doing so we promote intolerance to even the slightest perception of insult?

Do we teach our children to beat up every other child that throws something that can be remotely perceived as insult? Do we teach our children to throw a fist in every response to a perceived verbal insult? Is this proportionate reaction?

With this heightened sensitivity to insult, would anyone then care to even hold discussion on religion to foster better understanding between religions. Religion would become a taboo subject matter, for you never know when you may inadvertently throw an insult that would land you in hot soup. In this kind of atmosphere all hope to foster peaceful harmony between those practicing different religious faiths are lost – the ‘sensitivity’ of insult to religion driving a deep schism that no one of religious faith dare to brave. This of course also covers the issues related to race, culture and country since our government of the day and our community leaders are up at arms against any who would fling a skewed statement that can likely be seen as an insult.

We have become more divided along the lines of Race, Religion and Culture in the 50 odd years following our so-called Independence. It sometimes seem that our celebration of Independence wasn’t the severing of ties from foreign Colonial Masters but more a celebration of the loss of recognition to our Interdependence between Races, Religions and Cultures that forms our nations today.

On days like these – to declare that my blood spills on this soil I call home, the opening line of our National Anthem seems more a lament than a declaration of loyalty.