The Spirit of Patriotism

by horngyih

A Nation is not built upon Race by cultural practice or blood ties, Religion, where you were Born, who you marry or who your relations are; and certainly not defined by who you vote for.

If we define a Nation by any of the above we will constantly be faced with the many Paradoxes of relativity as to what each of the above means in relation to the other or who has priority – bringing into question the “Quality” of citizenship.

A Nation is born of a People who has committed to be a community that are your neighbours and by inclusion an extended family, that we call “Brother” or “Sister”, living in land bounded by National borders. That we as a Nation commit to the same ideals of building a community where each of us forms a part of a synergy where the value of the sum far exceeds the value of its parts and thus creating an environment where it’s Citizens can prosper and develop in Peace.

Patriotism thence is the preservation of this commitment, to see to that we as individuals help and support each other as family members do, to see that no harm comes to any of our extended family members from internal or external forces. So long as this spirit exists, there is no Qualifying of this spirit by Race, Religion, Birthplace or Relations.

When our forefathers who are of a ragtag community divided be Race, Religion, Birthplace and Relations forged this commitment and birth the spirit of this Patriotism – we achieved our Independence from our splintered histories and created a new foundation for a new line of history as a Nation.

We have enjoyed our independence, however in the years following the Pact that was made, we have still yet to recognize our interdependence. Instead of discriminating based on our similarities, we should now recognize how it is our dissimilarities that contribute to a new tapestry woven of different threads where individual weaknesses of threads are buffered by the strength of our diversity – and as a whole becomes a tapestry of myriad colours.

Point no accusing finger and call them traitor those who are of different Race, Religion, Birth or Progeny; for the true traitors do not show themselves in these qualities. The true traitors are those who betray the Pact which our forefathers forged when they forged our Independence.