Waters Untainted

by horngyih

I had asked a Devotee several years back at Penang’s Thaipusam – why do you throw Coconuts at the feet of those who take part of the procession.

The response I got from a lady was that it is to wash the path for those who walk with pure and clean water, for the waters in the Coconuts were water that is unsullied and unexposed to the outside world. I thought it was a poetic notion. 🙂

–For those who are unaware, Thaipusam is a procession held on the full moon of the Tenth Month of the Hindu Calendar and celebrates the occasion where a Prince was granted a Spear of Light to defeat Demons. ( I may have simplified it from my limited knowledge so as to not degrade the occasion further with my ignorance. ) During the celebration, Devotees take on a Kavadi ( Burden ) and march from their ‘home’ temples to designated holy places wherein they shall be relieved of their Kavadi (Burden ). Some devotees partake the procession as penance or repayment for wishes that was asked and granted from the gods.