The Long Arm of The Law, is just the Arm not the Hammer

by horngyih

The Officers of the Law are given the duty to Uphold the Law and to Bring offenders of the Law to Justice.

Justice in our legal systems mean that offenders are brought to trial where the Judiciary determines their guilt and dispense their sentence for their infarction of the Law.

The Officer’s sole purpose is to Apprehend and see to the Offenders are brought to the Court of Law. This means that Officers of the Law are granted discretion to use any means necessary to apprehend an Offender or Suspect. Once in custody it is their duty to ensure that the Offender or Suspect is brought to the Court of Law even if means protecting the offender until his guilt has been determine and his crime sentenced. It does not grant the Officer to be the Judge and Executioner of the Law.

If the Offender takes flight, it is granted that an Officer of the Law may use any means in pursuit of the Suspect. Once in custody and if there is an Angry Mob, their duty shall turn from a Pursuer to a Defender of those in their custody until such time that the Suspect can be brought before a Court of Law.

That is all.