Within the Vaults of the Ivory Towers… lies Power Coveted.

by horngyih

Isn’t information and knowledge meant to be free and openly available?

In this age where we herald the principle of knowledge is power, we have come to covet knowledge as we did before with power. Knowledge, symbolic of power is now kept within high Ivory towers of Academia.

True, resources have been poured over the task of discovering these hidden and whispered secrets of our world – but who can say that these discoveries are meant to be kept in the hands of the few.

There once was a maverick, a champion perhaps, who had devised the machination to free some of these hidden and coveted knowledge, unleash them from the Ivory prisons of Academia – but once discovered was quickly prosecuted and batted down by the allies of secrecy.

He took his own life on the 11th of January, Aaron Swartz this Champion of free knowledge; perhaps of a broken heart or of shattered ideals. The co-author of RSS (Really Simple Syndication) – without it many of our streams of information that we so ignorantly depend on would not exist have existed.

His flame may have dimmed and burn no longer, but lets continue his crusade – to beat upon the walls of the Ivory towers gleaming in the sunlight, withholding the true light of the world in its vaults. We may not successfully free all the secrets hidden in these deep vaults, but let us try to free as many as we can.