“The mill is there no longer; (but) the wind is still there…”

by horngyih

“..The work was incomplete. I admit: we demolished the ancient regime in deeds; we were not able to suppress it entirely in ideas. To destroy abuses is not sufficient; customs must be modified. The mill is there no longer; the wind is still there.”
– mutterings of the dying G– to the Bishop Myriel

This relates closely to something I was in a brief exchange over Systems of politics – Capitalism vs Communism. I hadn’t had the chance to continue the exchange but I had wanted to respond that while Capitalism had been demonized by the Communists and vice versa Communists have been made the bogeyman by the Capitalists. Each system have their distinct philosophies and supports their mutual animosity for each other with the clear pitfalls present in each system.

However, I believe the each system themselves are not perfect and while they have their pitfalls and clear weaknesses that can be manipulated – the systems themselves are not the root cause of the problem but those who manipulate it, bend it to their own greed and lusts. To Marx, Capitalism is the enemy but it is the Bourgeois are his true enemies. To Democrats, Communism is the enemy but it is the Tyrant Oppressor that is the true enemy.

As G– says, “the mill is there no longer; (but) the wind is still there” – The mill is not the problem, it works differently but it is the Wind – the Wind that drives the mill. It is the Wind we must mind, not the mills nor leaves that it moves – they are but manifestations of something invisible, the ill winds of human Greed.