The Blood of Christ and the Wrath of Fire

by horngyih

For ages the land soaked of the blood of Christ and where the footprints of a lone prophet continues to burn.

Could it be that deep beneath the blood soaked land, there still boils the remnant of the blood of Christ that curses the lands above? Or perhaps the curse runs deeper and far older back to days of the Burning Bush.

That somewhere in the lands – theres still burns this ancient fire from the Bush in the hearts of men who reside in that narrow divison between the East and the West. A fire that has since spread from this divide to engulf the hearts of many in the other parts of the world – people who carries with them the fire that burns hatred into their eyes and heart.

Perhap’s Christ’s blood is not the fuel but was meant to extinguish these ancient fires of hatred. That as the fires burn on earth, another has come forward with words instead of blood to soothe the age old inferno of hatred through a second messenger, the one many know as the the Rasulallah – Messenger of God.

And yet, the people who originate from this divide who claims to follow their chosen prophets – the followers of Christ bathed in the blood of Christ and steps forward purified, the followers of Muhammad listening to his words of wisdom and to emerge with the clarity of heart and mind – continue to carry this fire that consumes all and threathens leave this world in ruins of war, pestilence, wrath and desolation.

That the waters of love and knowledge meant to soothe this world of this destructive fires has instead been used to fuel it rather than to snuff it out. When will we learn…

Posted on facebook 30th November 2012