Public Figures and Public Knowledge

by horngyih

Given that any candidates running for public posts in an election shall inadvertently be exposing themselves to public attention and scrutiny, it isn’t a matter of if but a matter of when that their assets shall be under scrutiny as well.

Perhaps many BN candidates have made a fortune for themselves, whether due to their own ‘efforts’ or previous political clout, and apparently some have amassed enough to feel the exposure of their assets would make them target for – robbery, burglary or kidnapping; since personal safety is called to attention.

If you already have a sizable personal asset list, then whether or not it is declared in public, the would be criminals would’ve probably noticed and had plans made; public figures probably have even less to fear since targeting them is probably too visible and may be even considered risky marks.

Fine. Personal safety is a valid concern – then at least candidates who are running should declare their business ties and associations, direct and indirect; indirect should include siblings, spouse(s) and children. It is fair that the people have an inkling who is running for public office and if the candidate has personal vested interests in holding public office and by deduction if they have their own hidden agendas. Such association and ties may also give the public an understanding of the expertise the candidate brings to the table, for surely a candidate with business acumen in a specific field would bring an expert eye to whatever ministry the candidate may hold in future.

So, fine – keep your personal assets ‘hidden’ from public view – but bring to light all your business ties and associations; direct and indirect.

Posted on Facebook 24th December 2012