The Halls of Music lost

by horngyih

In the hall of music, deep in the heart of the city last night.

Whence once it rang with applause whenever the music took a break – now the continued clamour of monkeys braying rose high as the musical notes rose too.

The jailor’s keys lost and the special room filled – to the brim – of wild primates high.

Whence once the hall filled with listeners intent, those who are intent are now in mixed company those who vie attention as much as those on the raised dais.

Tis sad, that the synergy between those who intend to listen and those who intend to be heard is broken – to be come a struggle of both trying to be heard,
and caught in between those who wants to listen but must hear over the sound of those unwanted to be heard.

But still the music would not die, playing higher notes and harder trum – to rise against the clamour. So that those who wants to hear shall hear and those who do not hoarsen their throats against the rising march.

Posted on facebook 11th December 2012