Thoughts of Inception

by horngyih

Finally watched Inception. Overall, I guess it was OK. This is probably going to invite some chastising from fans, I felt the movie was ok well made in the sense that there were no serious plot holes so to speak ( a movie like this is hard to point out plot holes, since it’s mostly in a dream state anyways ).

However, I understand that due to the constraint of movie telling time limit ( typically¬†2 and a half hours ), the concept could have put forth a more subtle dread of being trapped in someone else’s dream. What if the threats of someone else’s subconscious wasn’t gun toting security forces; which made the movie an action genre.

What if the concept of danger wasn’t that you’d be caught and summarily evicted from the dream by being killed by bullets – but that you’d brush against ideas in that subconscious. Ideas so seductive that you let go of your own reality and ideas. While some of this is preserved through their contact with Mal – there could be so much more to be explored in delving into the subconscious of other people.

The danger of other people’s subconscious is not that there are security forces expelling you out of their dreams – but that you may come in contact with ideas that you had never come in contact with. That because you encounter them in a dream state where the consciousness are speaking on a level far more efficient than vocalized ideas – the contagiousness of these ideas are more complete.

If we, our persona and personality, is the sum of all the ideas in our heads and we are infected with the ideas of others – do we emerge ourselves, or do we carry some of that personality with us out of that dream state?

If we take on enough of these other ideas from other people’s consciousness – can we, do we emerge ourselves?

How much ideas do we take on before we are completely a different person?

These are more valid and scarier dangers than guns and explosions. But I know, I know it’s a Hollywood movie – and if they want it to be a Blockbuster raking in the money, they can’t afford to make a movie that deep. But why can’t we? Is the general populace so looking for a mind numbing experience of another Action packed movie that we do not find entertainment through intellectual stimulation? That’s sad….

Posted on facebook 8th December 2012