Legal Dissolution by Public Declration

by horngyih

In response to the belief that legal terms and conditions be waived away via Facebook posts to the public – I hereby declare that my rights to all personal details, illustrations, comics, painting, professional photos and videos ( wait professional means paid – so my private photos I don’t declare? Better throw that in for good measure ), personal photos and videos and whatever crap I ‘ve signed away on the usually unread Disclaimers I click yes to or sign away in the fine print – whenver I’m required to sign anything.

So there, anyone reading this – or has yet to read it. I take back everything I legally give to you. Booya! Who’s the putz now, who needs to read contracts if I can nullify the terms and conditions on Facebook simply by declaring it. *Suckers* – we no need judge or lawyers or laws now – since I can make them go away by declaring them away on Facebook!

NOT! Damn it people – don’t read Facebook posts and take it at Face value…. I know it’s Facebook but that’s not what it means. Do a little research before you copy and post or hit that share button. *Eye roll*

Posted on facebook 30th November 2012