by horngyih


The ubiquitous emoticon, the ancestor of all emoticons. It’s orginal use is now all but lost in the clamour of all the progeny of emoticons that followed.

Back in the BBS era ( Buletin Board System ), and before the advent of hashtags and L337, supported only pure text. And that it was originally used by academicians to exchange ideas and discussion, today we call them forums – but forums today are filled with Fantasy beings like Trolls.

Its Academic nature tended to mean a lot of very serious discussions goes on in the annals of this ancient form of the internet today. So serious that when certain statements made in jest would invite misunderstandings amongst those tapping into this streams of academic thought; those who reactive negatively to such statements intended to inspire mirth are probably today called Flamers.

I digress, and so it was proposed that some sign or indication should be added to statements meant to be taken lightly – in jest and good humour. Many were proposed but finaly, the simple and apt “Smiley” was born… consisting of a singular Colon “:” and followed by a Closing Round Bracket “)” to form a face as seen on its side with a Smile “:)”. Though, it may be that its original form included a nose by having a dash “-” in between the Colon and the Closing Bracket “:-)”

Posted on facebook 30th November 2012