“A Cry for Help…”

by horngyih

We pay RM 200,000 to train traffic police to use a point and saman speed camera, we over pay RM 30,000 for binoculars and chalk it up to ill informed purchasing officers, we pay companies RM 250 million to invest in real estate and on the side run a cattle raising development project ( when was the last time you had Malaysian Beef? ), we have billions of ringgit super projects like another Tower of Babel reaching for the skies – or RM 30million paid public emails… The list goes on for exorbitant expenditures on things we are told we need but don’t really do.

While we expunge on a heralded plan for educating our nations for the sake of future, and yet there is a lack of continued education after we leave school and head into our working lives.

Outside of the academic ivory towers of universities and colleges, Theatre perhaps is the best place for learning in our adult lives – providing us with an environment for simulations and laboratory for thought experiments that teaches us that which books cannot. It is where the adult mind can continue to expand its horizons and perspectives, to learn outside that of the academical studies of books by observing experience made manifest in the situations and scenarios playwrights and scriptwriters
imagine and propose to which Thespians present on stage; it is sometimes where philosophy is better taught than in classrooms and tutorials.

Music is the sustenance that nourishes the soul, they say. For music fills the spaces in between words and resonates with the emotions and feelings we find it difficult to express. It brings the mind to places mere words cannot, sets the stage for imagination to run its stories.

Dance is the expression of that which requires no words and is sometimes the embodiment of Music. Music and Dance forms a synergy of expression where the sum exceeds their its parts.

All these are part of the Performing Arts, a field that is in our country typically viewed as luxurious at best and expendable at worse. The KLPAC ( Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre ) have since it’s operation, provided an environment where the Performing Arts are cultivated and allowed to bloom – providing a stage for Playwrights to bring into being their imaginations and philosophical dialogue with audiences, for Choreographers make manifest the beautiful movements of from their minds, for Musicians to weave their wordless expressions and even providing education in this ancient art to young and old – so long as their goal is to learn to express themselves.

So for those who claims to care about our education? Where art thou? Do you not care about the ongoing education of the nation outside of the regimented halls of learning? How do we achieve a high income nation if we do not provide a higher level of education beyond simply the academics? How do we move on as a nation when we are not given space nor taught the language of expression?

It is a sad news that this unnoticed, under appreciated, Lyceum of education shall die a quiet death due to lack of funding – not when there is none available as we surely have the resources for other luxurious spending, but because we do not recognize its importance leaving it to fend for itself off the beaten path we think is the road to development – waylaid not because of its lack of beauty but that we were not taught how to recognize the true beauty that it is.


Posted on facebook 28th November 2012