A Double-Think on Utopia

by horngyih

Has anyone read “Utopia”?- am halfway through and while it is heralded as a description for the “Ideal Society”, I feel it is to some respects only ONE perspective of an idyllic. As idealistic the description is, I cannot help but feel that I am to some sense reading the precursor to Marx’s “The Communist Manifesto” and founding ideas for George Orwell’s “1984”.

That the Utopians live a life that is closely mimicked by “Communism” ideals and also practice the notions of Orwellian’s “Double Think”. That while Raphael describes a perfect society based on equality yet introduces the notion of Slavery.

To paint a society free of prejudices and yet prejudices non-Utopians.

That while the Utopians preaches freedom – that freedom comes under the expectations that all Utopians conform to a strict regimented framework for society. A kind of double think in freedom by regimentation.

Posted on facebook 26th November 2012