The Brink of Paradigm Shift

by horngyih

For those unaware, we may be standing on a brink of another paradigm shift in imagine technology. I was highly sceptical when it was first announced, but over time was proven wrong – that there is such a thing as “Light Field” photography.

While the “Light Field” camera was proposed long ago by science prophets as far back as 1908 – it is not until recently it was realized in its practical form, the Lytro camera.

Essentially the imaging technology deals with “Light Fields” instead of “Light Particles” and allows the technology to ‘refocus’ the resulting image based on where and which direction the light is coming from for a particular scene.

With the additional information, the technology has been pushed further by not only allowing for Post Imaging refocusing but also repositioning of perspectives; although the perspective shift capability is minute at this point in time.

We are now seeing the fledgeling technology that makes possible that which is only seen in Sci-Fi realms such as Star Trek where we see the “Holo camera”.

We live in interesting times…

Posted on facebook 16th November 2012